Why this Web site? 85% - 96% of the United States Citizens believe in God. Yet, over the past few years there has been a concerted effort under the guise of separation of Church & State, we have gradually been required to remove any and all reference to God from schools, public places, public assemblies etc. We have remained silent and allowed this injustice to pervade our social and governmental affairs. Some of us feel this has gone well beyond tolerable limits and it is time to return to the fundamental principles established by our Founding Fathers and the rights guaranteed in our Declaration of Independence, our Country's Constitution, and our Bill of Rights!
(For the song: In God We Still Trust by the Diamond Rio Singers displayed on this site, please adjust your computer volume).

This site is to enable those of various Faiths to sign a petition asking our legislators to provide the support of enabling legislation for the use of reference to God in public events etc. and to allow the use of religious symbols in public places and functions on holidays etc. It is not meant to require a constitutional amendment but primarily to support the premise that we are a Nation Under God. We endorse Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion in America.

This site is divided into a number of convenient categories for ease of use, information, and reference. The Petition section discusses the reasons for such a petition. If after reading the petition you wish to add your name, please click on the link provided below to sign on line. SIGN THE PETITION! We have provided a copy of the petition for ease in downloading for those who desire to distribute it for written circulation and signatures click here .

As people of various faiths, we believe that we can no longer sit by and remain passive as efforts to eliminate reference to God continue to escalate beyond all tolerance and reason. Those of us who sign this petition are doing so in order to make our voices and wishes heard. It is our sincere hope that you will join us by adding your name to the petition.

Concerned Citizens for Freedom of Religion in the United States of America

In God We Still Trust

Performed by Diamond Rio
You place your hand on His bible, and when you swear to tell the truth.
His name is on our greatest monuments an' all our money too.
An' when we pledge allegiance, there's no doubt where we stand:
There's no separation, we're one nation under Him.

In God, we still trust here in America,
He's the one we turn to every time the going gets tough.
He is the source of all our strength, the one who watches over us.
Here in America, in God, we still trust.

Instrumental break.

Now there are those among us,
Who wanna push Him out.
And erase his name from everything,
This country's all about.
From the schoolhouse to the courthouse,
They're silencing His word,
An' now it's time for all believers,
To make our voices heard.

 We Endorse Freedom Of Religion, Not Freedom From Religion in America